Apple Released iOS 13.6 with new features

Apple is making iOS 13.6 available to all users today. The update brings new user-facing features like improved support for downloading and installing system updates, the all-new Apple News+ Audio content, as well as the exciting CarKey feature.

We’ve seen a number of new features over the last few weeks with iOS 13. Apple launched support for Exposure Notifications (contact tracing) in iOS 13.5 while 13.5.1 brought a patch for the vulnerability that the unc0ver jailbreak took advantage of.

After that, we got the iOS 13.5.5 beta (renamed to iOS 13.6) that brought along access to the Apple News+ Audio content. It brings professionally narrated audio stories curated from the Apple News team to your device. We went hands-on with the Apple News+ Audio feature after uncovering it early.

Another highly anticipated feature coming with iOS 13.6 is the launch of CarKey. 9to5Mac first discovered this back in February with the iOS 13.4 beta. Apple announced at WWDC that the feature will first arrive with the new BMW 5 Series. This is a digital key that will work for locking, unlocking, and starting supported vehicles. Here’s how Apple describes CarKey:

Wallet allows you to add and share car keys for certain vehicles. You may add a car key by signing in to your vehicle manufacturer’s app or entering a pairing code in Wallet to claim the vehicle as your own and pair your device with your vehicle. If successful, your device sends Apple a one-time owner redemption token. Apple uses the redemption token, information abotu your location at the time of provisioning (if Location Services is enabled) for fraud prevention purposes.

You’ll also find a new option in the Software Update > Automatic Updates section in iOS 13.6. Instead of a single toggle to have automatic updates on or off that installs the most recent iOS release overnight, iOS and iPadOS 13.6 has two toggles, one to choose if you want to automatically download iOS updates and one to install the updates overnight.

Another change with this release is the ability to track new symptoms in the Health app like headaches, chills, sore throat, and more. Finally, there are some minor tweaks to the News app privacy notices and links that can be found be heading to Settings > News.

iOS 13.6 will be rolling out shortly to all users, check the Software Update section of Settings on your device to see if it’s available.