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Freedy Flex 10W Dual Wireless Charging Pad

IPhone 7.5W support, Samsung 10W high-speed wireless charging support
Simultaneous high-speed charging of two smart phones
WPC Qi certification
Safety protection functions such as OVP, FOD, TSC

Model: EA1202
Qi version: Qi 1.2.4
Coil: 1 coil x 2
Input: 12 / 2A (AC / DC adapter)
Output: WPC 10WFreedy Flex Dual Wireless Charging Pad

  • Offers the fastest possible charging to any Qi-enabled smartphones (Up to 10W)
  • Charges two devices simultaneously 
  • Qi certified 
  • Safe charging
  • 1). Over Voltage Protection  2). Foreign Object Detection  3). Temperature Sensor Control
  • Case friendly: Charges through most plastic cases up to 5mm
  • AC/DC adaptor include


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