iMac 3TB Replacement Program



Have you purchased an 3TB iMac between the dates of December 2012 and September 2013? If you have, you may be eligible for a hard drive replacement.

Apple has released a new repair extension program for 3TB iMac’s so if you are experiencing problems with your particular iMac’s hard drive, this could be why. To see if you qualify for this repair extension program, you can go to and type in the serial number of your iMac, or you can bring in your iMac to the shop and we will let you know if you qualify or not.

If you do qualify, there are some things you should know before going ahead with the repair:

1. Back up your computer
If there’s one thing we repeat over and over again, it would be this. Back up your computer on a regular basis. You never know when your computer might fail. Electronics are fragile and they have a plethora of reasons not to function properly. Be safe and back up your computer’s information.
If you don’t know how to back up your computer, or are unsure whether or not your back up is working, pay us a visit and we can recommend you the proper solution for you. We can also show you how the backup works, and how to restore from it as well!

2. Be prepared to leave your machine with us for 3-5 days
The whole warranty process can take a while. We will need to keep your iMac with us for a period of usually 3 business days. Typically, the computer is back in your hands on the third business day, but it can take longer depending on part availability.

3. Once the iMac has been returned to you, restore from your backup
Your iMac will come with factory settings; none of your previous data will be saved. For your safety, consider your information lost from the computer as soon as you leave it with us. This is why it is important to have your backup done! If you need us to restore it for you, we can do that too*.

4. You are up and running again with your brand new hard drive
Everything is complete within 3-5 days, you will have your computer back and your information (all of it) will be restored.

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