Stay in touch with friends and family online

It’s been just over ten years since Facebook came out in 2004 and began changing the way many of us interact with each other online. Far from isolating us, for many of us in 2015 the majority of our time online is spent communicating and sharing interesting things with our friends in the real world. And beyond keeping up your personal life, social media offers new opportunities for hobbying and business development, the likes of which we’ve never seen on the internet before. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ll be adding a Social Media class to our in-store seminar rotation on the second week of each month. If you’d like to jump into the world of social media with both feet, our seminars will be a great way to get started. (Sign up right here!) As a little intro today we’ll be looking at a few of the most popular social networks and explaining why creating a profile on them might be worth your while.

The web’s most popular clubhouse: Facebook
For talking to your friends, sharing photos and news about your life, and participating in group discussions, Facebook is the place to start. As the world’s largest and most-used social network, chances are you’ll have the best likelihood of finding friends, businesses and groups that match your interests. Whether you’re keeping in touch with relatives or coordinating a weekend hangout with your coworkers, this is it.

Join the public forum: Twitter
While Facebook is more tuned to your friends list and groups you decide to join, Twitter offers a more level playing field. Here you can use the “mention” feature to send updates directly to celebrities, friends and people you are interested in connecting with. Many people also use Twitter to share information about events as they happen; the next time you’re at a convention or festival, check the event’s hashtag to see what other people are saying and pitch in your own thoughts.

Professional networking made easy: LinkedIn
While Facebook is excellent for maintaining a social circle of friends, the party you went to on the weekend might not be the ideal thing to share with your business contacts. Though Facebook and Twitter are both good tools for casual networking and promotion, LinkedIn is a network designed specifically for business purposes and has become a sort of digital resume for many modern professionals. You can share your job history and professional accomplishments, but more importantly, you can leave public recommendations for coworkers and even look for a new job.

The free photography workshop for iPhone – Instagram
Few apps are quite so popular on the iPhone as Instagram, an all-in-one camera, photo editing and social network program for mobile devices. With its easy to use interface, Instagram is a great platform for improving your photograpy skills and checking out what your friends are doing in the real world. With the astounding quality and definition of today’s cell phone cameras it’s incredible what people can create with this simple app. Plus, you can comment and like your friends’ pictures.

Scrapbooking fans unite online – Pinterest
By far the most popular social network among women, Pinterest is the perfect platform for collecting and sharing images you like from all over the web. You can create separate pinboards for different topics, then like and comment on the pins of your friends, celebrities or businesses whose taste you admire. Many people use this for wedding planning, to host a recipe collection or plan an interior design job.

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