Lacie Rugged Mini Series

Starting at $157.95


Lots of Storage

With one, two, or four terabyte drives, we have you covered for everything from media storage to full backups.

2TB (USB 3.0) $179.95

4TB (USB 3.0)$275.95


Drive Speeds up to 7200 RPM

Drive speeds up to 7200 RPM with USB3 and Thunderbolt options you will have faster data transfer than ever before.


Heavy Duty

With Shock resistance, Rain resistance, and you will always know your data is in good hands. Lacie has gone as far as testing the drive after being ran over by a 1-ton vehicle and it passed with flying colours.

Complimentary Backup service with purchase of Drive

If you purchase a drive from us, leave your computer at the time of purchase and we can perform your first backup for you and set up the automatic backup service for free.