Get what you need at the perfect price with ReStart leasing.

Learn how your business can use your credit best and start making money immediately.

Lease financing allows you to buy what you need

You may not want to use $10,000 of your operating or capital budget to purchase equipment that your business requires; however, you may be willing to make a monthly expenditure of $200.00.

Lease Financing assists in balancing your budget

With fixed monthly or quarterly payments over the term of the lease, you know what your costs will be.

Lease Financing can be an additional source of credit

Leasing allows you to maximize credit facilities by not typing up your bank line of credit.

Lease Financing means more purchasing simplicity and convenience

Lease terms are flexible and leasing is made easy by tailoring lease terms to suit your revenue season. National Leasing provides you with straightforward documentation and a customer service team to assist you.

Lease Financing pays for itself

Revenues are generated from equipment use and can be applied to your lease payments.

Lease Financing can mean immediate tax advantages

With the ever-changing tax laws in Canada we suggest you talk to your accountant about these advantages.

Lease Financing conserves your working capital

Keep your working capital where it works best for you – in revenue producing activities such as inventory, wages, and advertising. It is easier to budget for a monthly payment of $200.00 than to drain your cash flow with a $10,000 purchase. Would you pay an employee three years salary in advance? Why pay for your equipment before it earns a profit for your business?

Lease Financing promotes use – not ownership

Pay cash for what appreciates – lease what depreciates. Profits are generated by using equipment, not owning it.

Terms and Conditions

  • First and last payments are made in advance.
  • Rates apply to both new and used equipment.
  • Rates subject to change without notice.
  • Rates exclude applicable taxes.
  • Subject to credit approval.

ReStart Lease Rates

ReStart’s business lease plan is available to corporate or home-based business customers. Use the following rates to calculate the monthly lease payment for your equipment, then download our lease agreement and apply today! Purchase equipment for fair market value, continue leasing equipment, or return equipment.

**For equipment over $50,000 please contact us in advance.**

Equipment Cost
Leasing Term
Per Month + tax